Don’t ever deliberately change yourself for anyone. If they’re worth it, you’ll gradually see yourself changing soon enough.

You are always stronger than you think.

Even after the kindness and care that you make the effort to show for others, some will still remain oblivious to it.

It’ll all break apart once one stops trying. It takes two to make a pair.

You don’t have to do anything. If they care, they will find a way to put effort into it.

For all the times we thought we couldn’t make it. Cheers to us!

Till this day, if you’re still wondering about things, you should probably just ask and try to get explanations…

Let’s give each other another chance before we throw everything away.

We jumped into this love with so much hope, who knew the poison was going to set in so soon. Never knew we were meant to say good bye…

Being able to stay true to yourself even when the whole world is trying to constantly change you is the greatest accomplishment.

Lust after love or love after lust?

One of the most terrifying things in life is forgetting the dear memories we all try so hard to hold onto.

You mean too much to me and I’m not ready to lose you yet.

I know it hurts, but we still have to move on.

Your games are getting a little redundant. Make up some new ones.